Saturday, April 30, 2011


tar: An useful command that I'm always forgetting how to use it and which flags are the correct ones :P

uncompress/extract (-x) 
# tar -xf paquete.tar

verbose (-v)  
# tar -xvf paquete.tar

compress (-c)
# tar -cvf paquete.tar kernel/

compress with bzip2  (-j)
# tar -cjvf paquete.tar.bz2 kernel/

compress with lzma (-J)
# tar -cJvf paquete.tar.lzma kernel/

compress with gzip ( -z)
# tar -czvf paquete.tar.gz kernel/

compress with lzip (--lzip)
# tar -cvf paquete.tar.lz --lzip kernel/

compress with compress  (-Z)
# tar -cZvf paquete.tar.Z kernel/

Hope this going to be useful for you.