Sunday, January 22, 2012

HOWTO remove packages with RPM "Error: ... Specifies Multiple Packages"

In this example, you want to remove seamonkey from your system with no luck.

At the first, we will list all the seamonkey packages:

root@anneke:~ # rpm -qa | grep -iE "seamonkey"
root@anneke:~ #

You will see a duplicate files seamonkey-nspr-1.0.9-16.3.el4_6.
If you want to remove seamonkey-nspr-1.0.9-16.3.el4_6 files, you can run the command below :

root@anneke:~ # rpm -e seamonkey-nspr-1.0.9-16.3.el4_6
error: "seamonkey-nspr" specifies multiple packages
root@anneke:~ #

You can solved this "Specifies Multiple Packages" problem with this command below:

root@anneke:~ # rpm -e --allmatches seamonkey-nspr-1.0.9-16.3.el4_6

Also, you can add nodeps in the end of the command below, in case you have dependencies problems or the package is being currently used by other packages:

root@anneke:~ # rpm -e --allmatches seamonkey-nspr-1.0.9-16.3.el4_6  --nodeps

This should fix your problem. Hope it helps!