Thursday, January 29, 2015

HOWTO Upgrade HP iLO Firmware under a Linux System

There are two Methods to Upgrade the iLO (HP Integrated Lights-Out) on the HP Proliant Servers:

1- From the Web Interface
2- From the Command Line (on a Linux Server)

1- Upgrade iLO from the Web Interface:

Once you are logged in the iLO, follow this steps (in this example iLO 3):

1. First we will take note of the current iLO Version:

Information -> Overview ->
iLO Firmware Version  1.55 Jan 24 2013

2. Then we will go for the Upgrade:

Administration -> iLO Firmware ->
Select the file (.bin) to upgrade and click on the button "Upload"
The image will be uploaded to the iLO and then it will begin the "Flashing" of the iLO itself.

Notes to have in mind and don't panic:
- iLO connection will be reset during the Firmware Upgrade, so don't panic.
- Once the flashing is done, reload your page and clear your browser cache if needed, and then login again to the iLO.
- The Upgrade of Vesions of iLO3 below 1.10 won't work when upgrading directly to 1.70 or 1.80. First you will need to upgrade to iLO3 Version 1.28, and then you can continue with the flashing of the newest iLO3 Version.

3. Now we will check again our Firmware Version:
Information -> Overview ->
iLO Firmware Version 1.80 Jul 11 2014

And... Happy Successfull Firware Upgrade! :P

2- Upgrade iLO from the Command Line:

There is also a good and niche way to upgrade the iLO of your server from the command line.

1. Let's check first the iLO FW Version:

root@xdev:~# hponcfg | grep Firmware
Firmware Revision = 1.26 Device type = iLO 3 Driver name = hpilo

2. Now you will need to download the script ".scexe" and then do the following:

root@xdev:~# chmod u+x CP018561.scexe
root@xdev:~# ./CP018561.scexe 

FLASH_iLO3 v1.09 for Linux (Jan 23 2013)
(C) Copyright 2002-2013 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Firmware image: ilo3_155.bin
Current iLO 3 firmware version  1.26; Serial number ILOUSE116ND7G      

Component XML file: CP018561.xml
CP018561.xml reports firmware version 1.55
This operation will update the firmware on the
iLO 3 in this server with version 1.55.
Continue (y/N)?y
Current firmware is 1.26 (Aug 26 2011 )
Firmware image is 0x801664(8394340) bytes
Committing to flash part...        
******** DO NOT INTERRUPT! ********
Flashing completed.                                   
Attempting to reset device.      
***** iLO 3 reboot in progress (may take up to 60 seconds.)
***** Please ignore console messages, if any.
iLO 3 reboot completed.

3. Now we will check again the Firmware Version after the Upgrade:
root@xdev:~# hponcfg | grep Firmware
Firmware Revision = 1.55 Device type = iLO 3 Driver name = hpilo

And that should be all! :)

Latest iLO Versions:

Latest Firmware
iLOProLiant G2, G3, and G4 servers1.96, released 30 April 2014
iLO 2ProLiant G5 and G6 servers, model numbers 300 and higher2.25, released 14 April 2014Issued to fix a Heartbleed-related issue
iLO 3ProLiant G7 servers1.80, released 9 September 2014
iLO 4ProLiant Gen8 servers2.02, released 6 October 2014

Where to download the files?




If you need any other file, leave a comment and I will upload it! :)